Sales policy

  • We reserve the right to change the prices of our products at any time!
  • In case of purchase, we recommend that you view the selected item in person
    If you select our products in person, you will find the necessary information on the label: name, exact description and price. If a product is exclusively available for hire, it will be marked in red on the label. In this case, the item is unfortunately not available for purchase. When purchasing in person, please take a photo of the item and its label with an ID number, so that our staff can easily identify the item.
  • A small number of the items for sale can only be paid by credit card, as only our subsidiary Antique Old Furniture Ltd has a bank terminal.
  • Other payment methods are cash payment and instant bank transfer, which work for all items for sale. Items can only be released once the full price has been paid!
  • Purchases made through an online ad: please provide the ad number of the product you are looking for on the web, or the ID number on our website, so that we can identify the product accurately. The item can only be dispatched after payment in full!
  • In all cases, the buyer is responsible for the removal of the purchased item.
  • We can store the paid items free of charge for up to 1 week. After 1 week, this is only possible against payment of a fee!


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