Rental policy


When renting, we also recommend that you view the selected item in person.


The biggest advantage of booking online is that you will receive an instant quote for the items you have selected for hire via our website. After submitting your order, our system will immediately send you a quote with NO obligation. And then only when you confirm your booking will the product you have chosen actually be booked.
Confirming orders placed online has an advantage over booking in person.

Use the ‘Rent’ button next to the product to add the items you wish to rent to your basket. On the side of each product there is a calendar symbol, click on it to see the availability of the item. Here you can also select the rental period: click on the start date and then click on the end date, so that the time interval between the two is automatically selected.

(If a piece is not available, i.e. already booked for this period, you will not be able to add it to your basket, as the system will not allow it.)

When you have finished selecting the products you want to rent, you can click on the basket to view the total list of products.

If all the items have the same rental period, you can also enter a period for the entire rental in the top row, “Set a single rental period for all products”. The system will then add all the products to your basket for this period, instead of having to enter dates for each product.

Please fill in your customer details, especially your email address, accurately so that our quotation will reach its destination.

After accepting the terms of use and privacy policy, we will receive your quote request by clicking on the “Submit Order” button.

Our automatically calculated indicative quotation will be sent to the email address you have provided. This does not commit you to anything, it is only a summary and only includes the products you have booked through the website. It does not therefore include a list of items booked by other means (e.g. photos sent by e-mail) which are not on the website.

Our colleagues will then send you a confirmation email as soon as possible, which will contain the full, official, downloadable quote.

In order to finalise your order, you will need to click on the “I accept the quote, I order the service” button at the bottom of the confirmation email to confirm your intention to proceed.

Once this has been done, your order is now live.


– If you choose to rent by one of these methods, we will need to identify the items you wish to rent, which can only be done by entering the ID number (a 6-digit identification code) of the product! Therefore, in all cases, we can only and exclusively process orders sent by email.
In this case, the identification of the products, the stock check and the price calculation take much more time, so we can give you a price offer much later than in the case of online orders.

– If you are selecting our products in person while walking through our warehouse, please take a photo of the product label with the ID number mentioned above. It also includes the name of the item or a previous inventory number. Do not just send us a photo of the item, as we cannot always help you with the latter!

– Our colleagues will then book the items on a first come, first served basis and prepare a quotation.


On the initial day of the rental, we will be waiting for the delivery team provided by the customer during opening hours. Mon-Fri 8:00 – 16.30.

On weekdays we are closed from 12:30-13:00 for lunch!

Please do not exceed our opening hours! We are not always able to cover after-closing expenses, but if we do, we will charge double the cost of each hour started!

We are open on Saturdays with a reduced number of staff, so we are not able to rent out or return rented items.

If we receive advance information about the arrival of the supplier (at least 1-2 days in advance), we will try to prepare the order according to our possibilities and capacity. In all other cases, we can deliver the products promptly, in case of adhoc arrival, with the effective assistance of the staff of the delivery company engaged by the customer. The customer is responsible for the packaging of the goods to be hired, the provision of the packaging material and the loading of the goods onto the vehicle.

Priority is given to registered customers. We can prepare the products on a first come, first served basis. If no appointment has been made and all our rental companies are booked, you will have to wait.

This may mean that delivery may take considerably longer, or we may not be able to deliver on the day.
Therefore, to serve you as quickly as possible, please make an appointment with our colleagues!

We always ask you to inform us in advance of the return of the rental!
As with removal, unloading is the responsibility and obligation of the hirer. Unloading is NOT done at the entrance of the rental gates! In all cases, the deliverers are obliged to unload the returned items in the place designated by us, oriented towards the inside of the warehouse.

For heavy items, we can provide forklift assistance if we have the capacity.


In case you wish to rent from us, a deposit is required. The amount is equal to the total net value of the products selected.

For the invoicing of the rental, please indicate a contact person with whom we can consult directly.

If the rented items are to be delivered for filming outside Hungary, please let us know in advance, including the total duration of the rental! If this is not done, we may not be able to rent out the item.

In the event of damage to the hired item, the cost of repair will be borne by the hirer in all cases and the responsibility for repair will be borne by the hirer in a large percentage of cases.

If an item is not returned from hire, i.e. it is lost or badly damaged, the hirer is liable to pay 200% net of the value of the item (destruction value) + VAT in addition to the hire charge.
In the case of rare or unique items which are difficult to obtain, no financial compensation is possible, in which case we insist on the replacement of the lost item.

Payment of the destruction value applies only to the replacement of the object!



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